R&D and industry collaboration

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Vallvi develop long-lasting project collaborations and facilitate our research partners’ success.   We work with National and European funding programmes.   –Bringing R&D results to market. –Matching research concepts with  societal and market needs. –Managing collaborations between industrial and academic partners. –Establishing and...
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Commercialising new technology

Vallvi is a business development partner for technology owners. We assist the development of product entry strategies, with go-to-market planning and execution. –Matching technologies to market needs. –Management of early commercial stage and market entry. –Pilot project execution. –Securing project financing.  
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Valuable collaborations for all partners

Vallvi facilitates the project participation for non-technology partners and user organisations. –Ensuring that  R&D-project participation is algined with corporate strategies and commited to by management.   –Facilitating competence sharing and the development of long lasting knowledge sharing networks.
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